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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.


It is expected that the academy uniform will be worn appropriately at all times in the academy and on the way to and from the academy as an expression of belonging to our Academy. In particular where students are representing the academy at events, on visits, and in public places, it is expected that the uniform is worn in such a manner as to reflect the pride and sense of identity of the students. It is expected that shirts will be tucked in under pullovers, badges clearly displayed on blazers and jumpers. Items of non-academy uniform should not be worn as they may obscure or detract from the smart presentation and recognition of students in their uniform. Items which students grow out of or require replacing must be replaced as and when necessary and not just at the start of the school year.

The items of the academy and PE uniform which are indicated below are purchased directly from Washington Academy’s supplier, Little Gems, 11 Brockwell Road, Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington, NE38 0AF.

  • Grey blazer with embroidered academy logo
  • Formal black trousers with a plain black belt, if needed
  • Black Charleston skirt with a plain black belt, if needed
  • Formal white shirt to be worn tucked in 
  • School tie (colour dependent on year group)
  • Blue embroidered jumper or tank top (optional item)
  • Formal black shoes. (Footwear meeting the requirements of the Uniform Policy of Washington Academy)

All students:

  • Flat, black, closed toe, polishable footwear is acceptable - shoes or trainers.
  • Trousers must be black and in a formal style. Leggings, hipster style, figure-hugging, grey, or black denim is not acceptable within our uniform code. We do not allow our students to wear trousers made of material with high elastic content as these often sit too close to the skin and are not appropriate for an educational setting.
  • Skirts must be black and the agreed Charleston style purchased directly from the uniform supplier. Short ‘tube’ type designs are not acceptable.
  • All students must wear a grey blazer, and it must carry the academy badge.
  • Blue academy jumpers (long or short sleeve) must carry the silver academy badge. The jumper is an optional item in that students can choose when they wear this under their blazer. However, the jumper cannot be worn as a replacement for the blazer.
  • Hats and coats are for outdoor wear only.
  • Baseball caps are banned and other hats/hoods must not be worn inside the buildings.
  • Governors preclude the wearing of jewellery except for a watch and one small stud per ear. Sleeper rings, expanders or longer studs are not permitted. No other piercing jewellery is permitted for safety reasons. The Academy will not accept responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of any such items or for injury caused as a result of wearing such items. Governors advise that any new piercings should be obtained at the beginning of the summer break to give sufficient time to heal before returning to the academy. 
  • Excessive makeup, including extremes of nail varnish and false nails, is not permitted.
  • For boys and girls, hairstyles are expected to be conservative in their style and if coloured, it must be of a natural shade to be deemed acceptable in a professional working environment.


PE Kit

The items of the PE uniform can be purchased directly from our academy supplier, Little Gems, Crowther Industrial Estate

  • Blue polo shirt with embroidered academy logo
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms or navy shorts with embroidered academy logo
  • Hooded top with embroidered academy logo. NEW: from September 21 students also have the option of a 1/4 zip jumper
  • Plain football/sports socks 
  • Footwear — sports trainers
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • No jewellery should be worn

Students will only be permitted to wear the Washington Academy hooded top indoors other hooded tops are not allowed. Students must always wear their full P.E. kit even when they are ill or injured and a note explaining their illness or injury must be provided by parents/carers.

The majority of lessons will be taught outside and every student will be involved in the lesson in some capacity. Students who fail to arrive at lessons without a PE kit will be provided with a clean spare kit and will be expected to participate fully in the lesson. All students must remove jewellery and tie long hair back before participating in PE lessons.


Uniform for Vocational Training

Washington Academy provides high-quality vocational training on site and with other partners off-site at a range of locations. For some of this training such as Catering, Hair and Beauty, and for Washington Academy’s Leadership programme, the specific uniform is necessary. The wearing of this particular uniform is in keeping with our vision of preparing young people for the world of work.

Parents/Carers should be aware that this uniform is to be purchased by parents or carers of students who undertake such courses. Students are expected to wear such uniforms only for the sessions where such training takes place. They are to wear their normal academy uniform on all other occasions.

Those students who for any reason contravene these expectations will be challenged to rectify the issue and may be sent home to change into uniform to return to the academy immediately. This element of the policy is in line with DCSF guidelines and does not constitute exclusion, rather an authorised absence.