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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent

Health and social care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK with demand for both health and social care employees continuously rising, particularly with the rise in the ageing population.  Our Health & Social Care curriculum is designed to give students an insight into some aspects of the health and social care environment, seeing how the care values are expressed, how humans develop from birth through the life stages and the impacts on them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.  The curriculum is also designed to prepare student s for adulthood through the coverage of major life events, illnesses and diseases and how they impact us.   

The curriculum is delivered through internal assignments/ tasks which are sat in a controlled environment, in addition to an external exam. All assessments are designed to give learners a taste of the sector and the skills needed; as well as confidence to take their next steps in their future. 

The BTEC Tech Award is split into three components: 

  • Component 1 Human lifespan Development – in this component learners research a famous celebrity and discuss their life events; they then look at an unexpected life event and discuss how the same event can impact 2 individuals in totally different ways. This is a coursework component and accounts for 30% of the learner's overall grade. 
  • Component 2 Health and Social Care Service and Values - In this component learners are given the opportunity to bring the subject to life through role play. This is a coursework component and accounts for 30% of the learner's overall grade. 
  • Component 3 Health and Wellbeing - this is the examination component and accounts for 40% of their overall grade, learners cover a variety of topics such as alcohol, drugs, personal hygiene and chronic and acute illnesses. The use of documentaries and real-life stories allows them to empathise with those accessing health and social care services. 

Literacy is embedded in every lesson through reciprocal reading which takes place in the first 5 minutes of every lesson.  This is in addition to: regular extended writing; development of tier 3, key vocabulary required in health & social care; as well as developing the use of tier 2 vocabulary. 

Curriculum Overview 

Year 10 

  • Autumn Term 1:  Human growth and development and factors affecting growth and development. 

  • Autumn Term 2:  Understand how individuals deal with life events 

  • Spring Term 1: Understand how individuals deal with life events 

  • Spring Term 2:  Non-Exam Assessment Preparation 

  • Summer Term 1: Non-Exam Assessment 

  • Summer Term 2: Understand the different types of health and social care services and barriers to accessing them 

Year 11 

  • Autumn Term 1:  Human Health and Well Being 

  • Autumn Term 2: Factors that affect health and well being 

  • Spring Term 1: Health Indicators and designing a healthcare plan 

  • Spring Term 2:  Revision and Resits 

  • Summer Term 1:  Revision and Resits 

  • Summer Term 2:  Final preparation for GCSE examinations