Every member of staff will work to achieve the full potential of every student. Whilst at Washington Academy, every student is given subject specific targets for the subjects they study.

Targets are used to raise the aspirations of students, parents and staff and to track performance and challenge under-performance. Targets are linked to strategies and interventions that will help individual students achieve.

Targets are set based on the student’s prior attainment, both at key stage 2 and during their time at Washington Academy, and using the latest Progress 8 methodology available from the DfE to ensure our students are targeted to perform in line with or above the national average. All pupil groups are considered during the target setting process and an element of challenge is built in where appropriate using information available from the DfE and our own internal tracking systems.

For key stage 3 an end of year target is set. This target is designed to keep students on track towards their eventual GCSE target grade in year 11. We expect all students to make a minimum of 2 sub-grades of progress per year.

For key stage 4 we set end of year and end of key stage targets to enable close monitoring of progress which enables us to intervene where necessary.

Targets are reviewed annually and all students should know and aspire to exceed their targets.