Links with Universities

A number of our local universities have been recently and are currently working with us on a range of projects. A selection is shown below:

Durham University

We have worked with the Department of Education on the MOVE Project. This work focused upon recording using GPS satellite technology the physical activity of some of Year 7 students. This work is part of European project examining the impact of physical activity on physiological and psychological health of young people.

Move Project

Northumbria University

We are currently working alongside a research group developing an information and guidance strategy for young people which will help them to easily and confidentiality access help for a range of health matters.

Teacher Training

We have strong and active partnerships with many of our local Teacher Training programmes base in our universities. This means that we have a number of trainee teaching staff every year who join us for a number of months and train ‘on the job’ so to speak alongside our very experienced teachers.

  • We currently work alongside the following universities in this capacity:
  • Durham University
  • Sunderland University
  • University of Northumbria
  • University of Newcastle

This proves year on year to be an extremely useful addition to what we do within Washington Academy as we work closely with staff in the universities and through this work continually inform our practice.