Microsoft IT Academy Program and Washington Academy

The International Data Corporation estimates that there will be almost 30 million IT positions world wide by 2015 needing skilled employees…by 2015 alone!

In 2012, the IDC released a global study focused on 600 IT firms, including the Sunderland based Leighton Group. According to the study, lack of certification, training and experience were the three top reasons given by the hiring managers for unfilled positions!

It is obvious that skills in IT are becoming of increasing importance in building a successful future for your children & our students.

Microsoft IT Academy

Washington Academy has developed a close professional working relationship with Microsoft UK over the past year. Focusing upon how the so called Digital Technologies impact upon improving learning, Washington Academy has developed an encompassing and progressive programme of development.

This is our unswerving commitment to closing the skills gap and preparing our young people for a successful future. This programme will ensure that our young people are;

  • Prepared for the 21st Century in terms of the requisite skills that will help them access the modern work place.
  • Given the opportunity to access and study for IT industry qualifications that will set them apart from their peers. This is called the Microsoft Accreditation Programme.

What does it look like?

  • Increased use of digital technologies in the classroom, led by confident & competent staff.
  • Staff and students working with staff and students from other schools and other countries through the Microsoft Partners in Learning programme.
  • Increased access to materials outside of the classroom using our unique ‘interest space’.
  • Staff and some students studying alongside Microsoft professionals for qualifications.
  • Lessons and work outside of the academy making best use of the technologies & approaches that you use at home.
  • The opportunity for our students to develop and prove their software design and entrepreneurial skills in ‘App design’ as part of Microsoft’s  ‘DreamSpark’ programme.