What to expect from English in Year 7

You will work towards a GCSE qualification in English Language and English Literature.  These GCSE qualifications offer the opportunity to explore texts from a personal perspective and offers an experience of a range of text types and their context.  You will develop your ability to read critically, comparing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

You will also develop your ability to write for different purposes and audiences, adapting your vocabulary and style accordingly.

In year 7 you will study:

  • The novel
  • Non-fiction reading and writing
  • Poetry
  • Creative writing
  • Introduction to Shakespeare

Who will be your English teachers?

  • Mrs Byrne – Head of Department
  • Mr McDoanld
  • Mrs Szpytko
  • Miss Thompson

Summer Work

Louis Sacher – Holes

You will be reading this book when you start in September so we would like you to get to know the author.

Conduct some research to answer the questions on the worksheet.


Louis Sachar Worksheet