Students Infront of School v2

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development of our students

Central to the care and guidance that we provide to each of our students is a detailed programme of pastoral and academic support.

Believing that the ‘whole child’ is just as important as the their final GCSE outcomes we place great store in supporting each student to build a firm foundation whilst helping parents / carers with developing the child’s ‘moral compass / purpose’

Over the course of a student’s time with us we provide them with a wide spectrum of activities and experiences that in turn informs, encourages them to reflect and helps them to understand their place in Modern Britain.

We provide:

PHSCE Programme

This is a multi -layered programme of activities that the student is engaged with during Form Tutor, Assembly time and lessons for KS3 students. Students are encouraged throughout to openly debate the issues that are covered and it is this way that we help our students to find their voice in a supportive and fully inclusive climate.

Student Council

Each Form Group has 2 elected Student Council Representatives. The representatives meet on a regular basis with the Senior Leadership Team as members of the student council. During this meeting issues of concern are discussed in open forum and actions agreed upon. Increasingly this democratic body of students is becoming a force for positive change within our school.


Students participate in an organised group assembly once per week. Structured themes are agreed upon at the start of the year to reflect both the priorities of the academy and what we judge to be important in preparing our young people.

The assembly theme links with the PSHCE theme described in the programme described above and conversation between students and their Form Tutor actively encouraged.

Active Registration

At Washington Academy every student will take part in 30 minutes mandatory physical exercise every week in addition to their ‘core’ PE. Activities obviously vary with the time of year but every student takes part in this during one of their Form Tutor periods. The sessions are facilitated and supervised by our Sports Apprentices, a group of extremely hardworking and committed Year 10 and Year 11 PE / BTEC Sports students.