Washington Academy takes a very dedicated approach to planning of lessons to cater for all of our students needs. Every subject within the academy has a medium term plan for each year group for each half term of the year. This clear plan of the path our students will take throughout their time in academy ensures they reach their maximum potential.

Medium-term planning is the responsibility of class teachers; usually supported by the year-group team and subject coordinators.

It outlines in detail the programme of work that is to be covered over a half term or term. Medium-term planning generally outlines:

  • units of work for each subject area (these may be continuous or blocked units of work).
  • learning objectives to be addressed.
  • national curriculum / Curriculum Guidance for Foundation Stage / PNS links.
  • cross-curricular links.
  • sequence in which the work will be delivered (progression)
  • activities that the children will engage in.
  • assessment to be undertaken.


English Medium Term Plan

Geography Medium Term Plan

Maths Medium Term Plan

PE Medium Term Plan