Key Stage 3

What will I learn in Years 7 and 8?

Pupils in years 7 and 8 will study a range of different topics relevant to the Computing, ICT & Business  programmes of study.

In year 7 the topics covered will include:

·         Health and Safety in ICT

·         Cyberbullying

·         Spreadsheets

·         Hardware & software Theory

·         Computer program creation using a visual based programming language

·         Using 3D design software to create designs of buildings from a set of plans

·         A unit of work which encompasses business ideas while using ICT.

In year 8 the topics covered will include:

·         Creating a video to promote awareness and provide advice about how to stay safe when online

·         Creating a website to provide information about a particular topic

·         ICT in business

·         Databases

·         Computer program creation using a text based programming language

·         Microbits – Programming

·         E-mail

Throughout key stage 3 pupils will use a range of software, including:

Microsoft office, Google Sketchup, Serif Drawplus, Serif Movieplus, Serif Webplus, Comic Life, Scratch and Python.

How will I learn?

You will receive practical lessons as well as theory based lessons.  You will be taught using a wide variety of interesting teaching methods and be expected to work independently to solve problems.

Key Stage 4

What will I learn in Years 9, 10 and 11?


This exciting GCSE gives you an excellent opportunity to investigate how computers work and how they’re used whilst also developing computer programming and problem-solving skills.  You will do some fascinating in-depth research and practical work.  For example, some of the current investigations look at Linux and Python programming Language.

How will I learn?

This three unit course is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

You don’t need to have studied this subject before and assessment is based on a written exam(s) and programming activities.

What abilities, aptitudes, skills and interests will I need?

You must enjoy programming and be able to use a wide variety of software packages including Python and Scratch. You must also have a good understanding of Mathematics and Science and be keen to known how and why things work. You should be able to use a computer confidently and be inspired to learn more about them.

What opportunities can this course and qualification lead to?

This course could lead you onto a successful career in various parts of industry.  It can also lead you onto studying Computing at AS/A level in college or 6th Form. With this being a Science based qualification it can also lead into employment in a Science based environment.

ICT Year 9

You will learn how to structure work into a portfolio for examination assessment through a number of small assignment style units of work which include:

·         ICT in the workplace

·         Office Design

·         Interactive multimedia

·         Safe use of Social Media

·         Business and ICT

Theory will include:

·         Hardware and Software

·         Legal/moral/ethical issues

·         Communication and ICT

·         Data Security

ICT Year 10 & 11

You will study the Cambridge National ICT qualification.

The Cambridge National Course consists of 3 pieces of coursework and 1 external examination. The units are:

·         Unit 1 – Understanding Computer Systems (examination)

·         Unit 2 – Using ICT to Create Business Solutions

·         Unit 5 – Creating an Interactive Product using Multimedia Components

·         Unit 7 – Creating Dynamic Products using Sound and Vision