The Learning Support Unit provides a teaching programme for students who would benefit from time out of the mainstream classroom environment to focus on the issues that are creating the barriers to their learning, to improve self worth and to maintain access to accredited GCSE courses.

The students maintain involvement with mainstream classes through subject specific work according to their normal timetable.  Work will be marked by their usual class teacher or appropriate Head of Department to ensure continuity and assist future reintegration.

The programme is designed to –

  • Build on the behaviour improvement priorities for the academy
  • Provide targeted support for specific priorities in the academy behaviour strategy
  • Improve inclusion by continuing the education of the most vulnerable and disaffected pupils when they would otherwise be failing to learn
  • Target intervention for groups of pupils with specific behavioural problems using a series of programmes designed to re-engage them in education and assist their families
  • Help students develop better learning strategies in the classroom and around the academy
  • Be a centre of expertise in behaviour and attendance improvement
  • Be involved in multi agency work
  • Have a planned and phased reintegration back to full time mainstream classes which is understood by students and staff right from the start
  • Have strong links with other agencies and systems to develop effective family and multidisciplinary working in line with Every Child Matters