The CLiC Centre is the centre for Communication, Literacy, Innovation and Creativity.  All departments in the academy access the CLiC to deliver innovative and creative lessons.  It is brimming with digital technology including IPads, E-Readers, interactive whiteboards, voting pads, an E-Beam table and much more.

It has been hailed a huge success by our students who have had the pleasure of using the facility.  We have also extended the use of the facility to all out feeder primary schools who enjoyed many afternoon activities in the CLiC Centre and we look forward to having them back for more.

Each year we strive to push innovative teaching within the CLiC.  This year is no exception.  We are exploring the use of augmented reality which allows us to put video, animations and audio into real life, it literally makes books come to life!

The CLiC Centre also house our colourful library.  This term we are recruiting new Pupil Librarians, Digital Advocates and Reading Advocates to join the team.  If your child has a love of books, or is great with technology, why not encourage them to apply and become part of the team this half term.

Four distinct areas:

  • The Study tables: designed for group or self-study.
  • The Booths: They are purpose built seating used to promote discussion and debate. They can be used as two separate booths or one large enclosed seating area.
  • The computer pod: An enclosed semi-circle seating area with computers.
  • The library: A vibrant and stimulating area for self-study or reading for pleasure.

iPads, E-Beam table, Interactive Whiteboards, Computers, Laptops, Voting pads, Flip cameras and Visualisers.


To help support and encourage the use of new digital technologies across the whole academy.

Book Loans

When pupils borrow a library book, they may keep it for 21 days. The pupils are informed of the return date. Most books are stamped with the return date inside the book, so that pupils know when books are due. We expect books to be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed.

Pupils can renew their books if they need longer than the 21 days. Pupils must come to the library to do so. They are permitted to one renewal.

If a book has been on loan for over 21 days and has not been renewed it becomes overdue. There is a daily charge of 1p per day for overdue books, although we do not charge for any days that are a holiday.

Once the book is overdue 28 days the pupil will no longer be allowed to borrow from the library until the book has been returned, paid for or replaced. The charge will be the cost to replace or repair the book. There will a £5.00 maximum charge. Pupils will be issued with a receipt when paying the replacement fee. If the library book is found and the pupil still has the receipt they will be able to claim their fee back once the book has been returned to the library.

Books which are damaged beyond repair will also be charged the cost to replace the book.

Accelerated Reader

At Washington Academy we understand the importance of reading and we want to develop good readers, through a love of reading! We are proud to announce that we now have the Accelerated Reader Programme or AR for short, for all of our Year 7 & 8 pupils.

AR is a computer based reading programme that helps us to monitor your child’s independent reading practice.

·         Your child picks a book they think they’ll enjoy at his/her reading level.

·         They then take a short quiz on a computer to see if they have understood the book. Passing the quiz shows us they have understood what they have read.

·         Pupils have free choice of the books they can read, rather than being assigned a book.

How do we determine your child’s reading level?

To determine your child’s reading age they will take a STAR reading test at four points throughout the academic year. The test is a computer based reading assessment programme. The questions continually adjust to your child’s answers. If the child’s response is correct, the difficulty level is increased. If they answer incorrectly, the difficulty level is lowered. The test is completed during one of their reading lessons and takes around 15-20 minutes. Once they’ve completed the test they will be given their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) which is a range of books they can read, at a level that will challenge but not frustrate them. All of our books are levelled depending on the difficulty of the text. The book levels are grouped into 6 colours:

Green – level 1.0 -1.9

Orange – level 2.0 – 2.9

Blue – level 3.0 – 3.9

Yellow – level 4.0 – 4.9

Red – level 5.0 – 5.9

Purple – level 6+

What are AR points?

As an incentive to read more frequently your child earns points for every book they read. They can redeem these points for prizes. The bigger the book the bigger the points, the bigger the points the bigger the prize. So points really do mean prizes! Some of the prizes we have up for grabs:

·         Book boxes

·         Chess game

·         Money boxes

·         Socks

·         Mugs

·         Diaries

·         Stickers

·         Free hot chocolate at break or lunch

·         Early lunch passes

How often should my child read?

Pupils make the most success if they read for an average of 20 minutes per day. During the academy day we encourage pupils to read during registration, breaks and lunches. They also have 1 reading lesson a week and also read during their English lessons.

How can I help my child at home?

Encourage your child to read at home. Create a culture of reading in your household by reading with your child, discussing what they are reading and perhaps even starting a home library!

How do I know if my child is progressing?

As AR is a computer based programme their progress can be checked outside of the academy.  Simply click on the link below.  Your child will need to login with the necessary login details;