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Consilium Update

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to inform you of some temporary changes at the academy that are taking place at the end of the summer term in preparation for the new school year in September.

Dr. Mike Beverley will not be in the academy for a period of time and therefore the academy will be led by Mr. Derek Austwick who will become Acting Principal alongside Mr James Inman who will be in the academy for two days per week in an Executive Principal role. James Inman is an experienced head teacher from one of the Academy Trust’s schools in Salford, Greater Manchester. The Trust will also be supporting Washington with a number of other staff with specialisms in English, maths, humanities and pastoral care.

I would like to assure parents that the academy is fully staffed with specialist teachers for next term and the new school timetable is ready to start in September. The Trust will also be making some minor improvements to outside social areas for students and providing some new teaching materials for English in the younger age groups. We are pleased that the academy is also growing in size and we will be welcoming an additional class of students to Year 7 in September.

In the meantime, may I wish you all an enjoyable summer.


Yours sincerely

Martin Shevill

Chief Executive Officer, Consilium Academies