Year 8 Careers Workshops

All Year 8 students took part in a half day careers event, where they attended four workshops.

Local employers Vantec, Barclays and Swinburne Maddison led interactive sessions for the students, covering a wide range of topics such as money management, employability skills and progression routes.  Mrs Oakland delivered a final session on different sectors of employment and training.

Each workshop took a different format, from computer based presentations to interactive sessions driving forklift trucks and ‘juggling’ the bills, which gave the students variety to the day.


Students completed feedback following the event, they all took something different away from the workshops:

“I enjoyed the session with Mrs Oakland learning about the different types of college courses, it helped me think about the choices I have for my future.”

“I would like to hear from some national companies, to compare against our local companies.  Would living elsewhere mean bills are more, meaning I need to learn about handling money responsibly.”

“I liked the practical session using the remote controlled forklift trucks, it showed things we wouldn’t be aware of without work experience.”

“We got to learn about what everyday life is like as an adult, money handling, bills, college and university.  It has made us want a brighter future, which means we have to work hard.”