Science Club

Science Club runs on a Tuesday after school for Year 7 students with Miss Bell.  The club are currently working towards their Crest award, which gives students the opportunity to design and build their own models and complete experiments.

Year 7 student Rebecca Lloyd would like to tell you a little about what they do:


Science Club is great, there’s a lot to do. We had an experiment week where we played around with the plasma ball.



After that, Miss Bell showed us how to do each experiment correctly. There were three experiments to do. The first was the flame test. We used different metals (sodium, copper, potassium and lithium) to change the colour of the flames.



Next was the Titration Reaction experiment. For this we had plain water with a chemical in it which made it turn green. Our challenge was to change the water red using the hydrochloric acid and then turn it back to green with the sodium hydroxide. This was very had because if we added too much hydroxide, it turned blue!!



The final experiment (and the best one) was the Methane Bubbles. To do this we soaked our hands with water. After that, we took a scoop of methane bubbles and put them on our hands. Meanwhile, somebody else lit a splint on a Bunsen burner. Then, they touch the splint onto the bubbles and set them on fire. This experiment was amazing because our hands could be set on fire safely. Huge thanks to Miss Bell for arranging all of the experiments!