Year 9 Careers Day

Year 9 students took part in a career information day before the Easter break delivered by local Business Ambassadors.

115 students benefited from the experience held by companies such as Barclays, Swinburne Maddison, Travel Counsellors and Patrick McLaughlin Wealth Management.  The four workshops delved into the importance of work, personal finance, routes into employment and employment law.

Over to Year 9 student Jasmine to tell you a little more about the day: “All of Year 9 got to take part, which was great.  It was an exciting experience for us, being our first careers taster day.  It has helped us to start to prepare for interviews when we are older.  We discussed bills and taxes, how to dress for interviews, how to greet people formally and much more.  In the workshops, we looked at workplace scenarios with the Law firm and had to decide if the young people were being treated correctly.  Barclays and the Travel Counsellor helped us learn financial and interview skills and we met a welfare manager who looked into the different ways we could get into employment like University and Apprenticeships.  The different activities were fun and really beneficial.  Being in smaller groups meant we were able to ask questions and this didn’t affect how much time we had, or how much information we were given.  It let us use the experience the way we felt would benefit the most.  We are lucky that people with experience and knowledge want to help us prepare for our futures.  We are thankful to be given opportunities like this.”

The next day, students took time in Form Class to discuss the workshops and how they felt they had benefited from the experience.  Everyone took something different from the day, with student comments such as “Learning about apprenticeships allowed us to look at grade levels and what we would need to take courses, giving us good grades to aim for” “Helping me to see how I can still achieve after leaving school and that helps me to stay focused”.  The majority of students also wished the day had lasted longer and that there were more employers there to give a better understanding of career paths and routes into different sectors.