‘The day I went to the Great Big Dance Off’ by Paris Kennedy Year 8

Today I woke up excited for the competition. I got changed into comfy clothes, ate my breakfast and walked to school. Miss Routledge told use to go to first and second lesson and then we were going to practice after that. This rehearsal time allowed us to put the final touches to the dance to make it look perfect. It made us feel more confident and ready to compete. Miss Routledge had all of the costumes ready for us to try on. This was the first time we had tried them on all together and they were amazing! We were ready for the competition.

After practicing we went for an early lunch so that we were ready for the bus to pick us up at 1pm. Although we were nervous and didn’t feel like eating we knew we would need the energy as we had a long day ahead of us.

Next we hopped onto the bus and we were traveling to Halifax. After travelling two hours we stopped at a service station for an hour and bought food and snacks. About an hour later we grouped up and got back onto the bus. We arrived at Halifax a little early and could not get into our dressing room so we started to do make up. We did stage make up so it looked bold and we used a variety of looks and colours.

When we were finally allowed into our dressing room we got changed into our costumes, warmed up and stretched so we were ready for our performance. We got called down to go onto the stage a little late and when we got there we had to go straight on but luckily we made it just on time. We danced and the four minutes passed so quickly. There were some errors that I saw but they were minor. Overall I was happy with the performance but I wish we could have stayed longer the watch the other acts.

Our danced was loosely based around the Lion King and had a hint of tribal moves. We included flexible tricks, backbends and splits. We also had stillness which helped to show the animal theme. At the beginning of the dance Louisa started with her set of eight, Fran with her two sets of eight and me with a set of eight. At the end we did a lift and slowly lifted the lion down and got into finishing positions and rolled out and bowed and walked off to the sound of the audience clapping.

Although we did not make it through to the National final we were officially regional finalists and we were very proud of ourselves!