Anti Bullying Mentors Commended Again!

The Anti Bullying Mentors were awarded two certificates from the Mayor.  The mentor team were given a certificate of appreciation for hosting the anti-bullying conference 2017 and devoting time and effort to ensuring its success and were also highly commended as the most innovative Anti Bullying team during 2017-18.

Lewis Dinsdale, one of our mentors, shares his experience below about joining the team and receiving the awards.

All the way through Year 7 and half way through Year 8 I was a bit of a trouble maker and received many detentions. Since then I have totally turned things around by joining two teams. One is the RAF Air Cadets and the other is the Anti Bullying team in Washington Academy.

When I joined I was incredibly shy, however I developed more confidence and decided to make massive changes to my behaviour. I’ve helped to deliver Anti Bullying assemblies and took part in the Remembrance Day parade in Washington Village. This was a very proud moment I my life as I have huge respect for the fallen. I have gained in confidence and attended Anti Bullying conferences which have helped me to understand diversity by discussing ideas with different people from different schools.  This has made me think about what I say so as not to offend anyone.

On Friday 16th March I went to the Council Chambers in Sunderland along with Mrs Bryden and some other members of the team.

The Mayor and the Director of Education along with other Council staff were in the chambers where MP’S make speeches and many of the most important decisions about Sunderland are made. There was a presentation delivered about Bullying which was really useful and interesting. After the presentation awards were given out to different schools for their contribution to delivering Anti Bullying work across Sunderland.  We were awarded with two certificates from the Mayor. One was a Highly Commended Award for the most innovative Anti Bullying team in Sunderland 2017-18. The second certificate was for appreciation for hosting the anti-bullying conference 2017 for all the Washington Area. I felt very proud getting up to represent the academy.