Sports Leaders Blog

On the 6th February, I attended a sports mobility event at the Sunderland Tennis Centre. The event was 9am- 3pm with many schools around Sunderland. The aim of the day was to learn how to teach new sports to children and to be able to help them enjoy and participate in these activities. There was nine year 10 sport leaders so we were split into three teams of three. Then we were placed on certain activities which were sitting football which was joined with sitting volleyball, mini tennis, Boccia and curling. On the day, some of us had to learn what these sports were so that we were able to teach and help more efficiently.

However, the sport I was doing was sitting football and volleyball. So, we would split the teams into two if there was many students if not we would just split the time into two so that they would have time for both sports. In volleyball, you sit on the floor against another team and the aim would be to score points. Then for sitting football, you would have to pass the ball to certain people and if they miss you will get a point.

In my opinion, the day was absolutely amazing because I got to work with children which I find really fun but I also got to teach them a sport that I knew about. During this day, I received so much more confidence and it helped me learn about how to explain sports to children more clearly. I now have confidence that will stay with me for the rest of my life which I am very thankful for. It also taught me how to help and make children happy with disabilities.

I am very thankful for the people who set up the event because I was really happy to see the smiles on the children faces it filled me with joy that I was helping them have fun and to be happy.

Maddison Johnson.