Yes Lad

On Friday 30th of June Yes Lad came to Washington School. Mrs Kemp was the mastermind behind it. She put it all together so that Years 7, 8 and the GCSE Music classes could watch the band perform their very own songs.

Their fashion choices were very modern, and made every person in the room question their own fashion choices!

After the amazing concert, our teachers allowed us to get our photos taken with the band. Some people also got autographs. The members of Yes Lad are: Lewis Maxwell, Jake Donlan, Cian Gleeson, Sonny Hardman and Joel Healy.  They are an amazing band. Soon they will be going on tour around the UK.  This was a great treat for the year 7 and year 8 students.


Yes lad were also here to help stop bullying in schools, because they were bullied in their schools when they were young they know how people feel. They care about the students in all of the schools in Britain, and they think it’s a very important topic to discuss with young people.

We have a wall in Music where you can come and add your comments about the performance for everyone to see, why not join us and read everyone’s thoughts?

By Jasmine McNeil, Year 8